Centers for Disease Control Awards ImpeDx STD R&D Contract

September, 2018

Impedx was awarded a contract contract from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) to apply our core platform to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).   STDs and antibiotic resistance is a growing health care concern globally.  Rapid AST results are critical to improved patient outcomes, while reducing the incidence and resistance of the causative agents.  “We are pleased to include the CDC as a R&D partner and look forward to successful execution on this contract” stated Roy Swiger, Sr VP of R&D. Click here for the CDC 2018 Projects Homepage



Overland Park, KS – ImpeDx Diagnostics (a privately held company) is developing a multiplexed phenotypic diagnostic system to perform extremely rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) on a variety of different patient sample types (blood, urine, sputum, etc.) that will allow clinicians to provide targeted, effective antibiotics to patients in hours, rather than days or weeks as with currently available products.   Our system compliments existing rapid pathogen identification systems already on the market and provides the full answer clinicians require in order to implement appropriate patient care, improving patient outcomes while substantially reducing healthcare costs and the fostering of antibiotic resistance.  For more information, visit


ImpeDx Diagnostics

Dr Roy R Swiger, CEO