Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem, and in some instances (e.g., Tuberculosis or Gonorrhea) the stakes are even higher. Targeted antibiotic treatment requires two critical pieces of information: (1) the identification of the pathogen and (2) the results of AST testing, which includes dosing guidance. Identification of most pathogens can be achieved in under 24 hours, sometimes as quickly as 3 hours using molecular techniques. However, AST results are typically generated in 3-5 days and requires more hands-on time. For slow growing pathogens like mycobacteria (e.g., tuberculosis) AST may require a minimum of 9 days, typically 3-5 weeks, or in some instances even longer.

ImpeDx is focused on bringing AST testing in line with identification - rapid results guiding the health care provider in selecting the targeted antimicrobial therapeutic and dose. Quick, targeted treatment results in improved patient outcomes, a reduction in time required for treatment, and the fostering of antibiotic resistance - saving the healthcare system billions world-wide.