We use electronics to measure the bulk capacitance of fluids. In this way, we are able to determine microbial growth, stasis, or death from clinical samples such as urine, sputum or blood, etc. Over the last five years ImpeDx has gained significant knowledge and experience in the areas of micro-channel fluidic design and fabrication for use with our electronic approach. Together, with other proprietary information including algorithms and experimental data we continue to make significant progress towards developing a simple, sensitive, and inexpensive medical device and suite of consumables for use in antimicrobial susceptibility testing applications.

Below is an example of our application measuring the bulk capacitance of a suspension of E. coli. As the cells proliferate, the suspension’s bulk capacitance (Cb) increases. By measuring the increase of the bulk capacitance in blood culture samples, the presence of viable microorganisms can be quantified much more rapidly than currently available technologies.